Quite a few months back I collaborated with photographer Myuran Ganesh and a team of other creatives on a fashion editorial for magazine submissions. Myuran happened across a previous video of mine (Diaphanous) and contacted me to see if I’d like to shoot a behind the scenes clip for the team.

So we got together on a sweltering day in the Melbourne CBD to shoot a New York style fashion editorial. The day ran with relative ease, and with an exceptional team I felt the experience to be quite fruitful.

In addition to videoing from myself and photography by Myuran Ganesh, this video also features work from model Kaitlyn Ridgehair and make up artist Cynthia Smyth, stylist Dominique Nikita, and assistant Raphael Chan.

This video accompanies stills featured in Issue #29 of Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, and in the May Issue of Elegant Magazine.


I recently collaborated with another RMIT student as part of her end of year graduate assessment for her fashion design course. We created a video that showcased three outfits of an eight piece collection, which is titled “TACENDA”.

The designer’s name is Natalie Kieleithner. The video also features work from model Elke Bonner, hair and make up artist Sari Lawrenceand assistant Una Causevic.


Recently I had the opportunity to pursue a fun little project for a Uni assignment. As an introduction to video to prepare first year students for a second year video class, students were required to create a ten second clip showing a composited image of two separate videos juxtaposed upon one another.

I figured since I’d be calling out a model for a couple of hours, I should pursue to make a full length short clip as a way of compensation in addition to a chance of learning about the video process.

Below you can view the final clip I created –