Ryan and Debbie’s Wedding

Quite a while back I began working alongside Melbourne wedding photographer Shad Watson. The first time I worked with him I was a third shooter and assistant. I was required to photograph in a more candid style, capturing the informal moments and any scenes that caught my eye in between assisting him and his second shooter.

I’ve since joined him on a quite a few weddings as second photographer, with each varying quite a lot in style and theme. The one below for Ryan and Debbie was for a more traditional styled Greek Orthodox wedding. It varies quite a lot in processing to the previous series of wedding images I uploaded of Amy and Nathan’s Wedding.

It was a rare sunny day that was preceded by many dreary ones – a fortunate occurrence for the occasion. It was a huge wedding to work on for my first time assisting within this field, but I enjoyed the experience and was lucky to be working alongside some great people.

I began my day at the Groom’s house and then went straight to the church where the Ceremony would be held. Due to not being the primary photographer for these series of shots they are a little bit lacking compared to my usual wedding posts; there are no preparation photographs of the Bride or many formal shots.

Nonetheless, I would like to share what I did manage to cover of the day. Here are some of the highlights –

Wedding Shots-2

Wedding Shots-5 Wedding Shots-7

Wedding Shots-9

Wedding Shots-11

Wedding Shots-12

Wedding Shots-14

Wedding Shots-15

Wedding Shots-17

Wedding Shots-18

Wedding Shots-19

Wedding Shots-21

Wedding Shots-29

Wedding Shots-30

Wedding Shots-35

Wedding Shots-36

Wedding Shots-46

Wedding Shots-39

Wedding Shots-43

Wedding Shots-44

Wedding Shots-45

Wedding Shots-50

Wedding Shots-52

Wedding Shots-55

Wedding Shots-56

Wedding Shots-57

Wedding Shots-58

Wedding Shots-59

Wedding Shots-60

Wedding Shots-63

Wedding Shots-67

Wedding Shots-68

Wedding Shots-70

Wedding Shots-75

Wedding Shots-77

Wedding Shots-79

Wedding Shots-82

Wedding Shots-84

Wedding Shots-90

Wedding Shots-93

Wedding Shots-94

Wedding Shots-97

Wedding Shots-101

Wedding Shots-107

Wedding Shots-103

Wedding Shots-105

Wedding Shots-108

Wedding Shots-110

Wedding Shots-111

Wedding Shots-124

Wedding Shots-118

Wedding Shots-120 Wedding Shots-122

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