Month: August 2013

Getting Sorted

So the time has come. I’ve finally decided to start up a blog for all my ramblings related to my photographic work. I can only hope it’ll be an interesting and insightful read – I’m not much of a writer or a blogger of any sort, but hey, you never know when someone might actually be interested in reading up on little ol’ me.

My primary aim for this space is to allow people a chance to join me on my journey as a new photographer on the scene. I hope to give people an understanding of how I go about preparing for various projects, what I find inspirational, how I interpret things and how I am progressing over time. I hope this will also be useful for me personally so that I am able to reflect somewhere publicly on my work and really have a chance to think things over.

I’m still very, very new into the industry (officially been working for under six months and shooting for under twelve) but I’m a fast learner and very avid about what I do so I’m pretty keen to get things rolling.

So let’s hope this turns out to be a good choice on my part, and hopefully a great learning experience for both reader and poster. I will try my best to appear interesting!